Aquarius males

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How to Attract the Aquarius Man You should learn about all the positive and negative Aquarius traits if you want to seduce man born under this zodiac sign. They have a special inclination for arts and machines, and thus, gadgets, computers, performing arts, music have a major significance in their lives. Aquarius males are great with the future and progressive thinking, but not so good the past. Their involvement in these areas provides important mental stimulation and feeds into their sense of autonomy. Agreed friendship is the best way to grow a relationship and take it to the next level but in matters of Aquarians, this is a little different. Avoid empty, passive activities like watching too much TV. They never have a fixed pattern when it comes to how they behave or what they are going to do next. How to choose a gift for your Aquarius Man Any modern, shiny, technical gadget will do.

Aquarius males

They are very playful in the bedroom and are totally down with the unconventional. Aquarius man in relationships An Aquarius man can be difficult to be with. Be patient and keep things on a platonic basis until you're ready to make your first big move. However, make sure to let her know that she is more than just a sex partner to you. Think about Aquarius guys for a moment. Aquarius women are fiercely autonomous and highly independent. This however can be countered if you have an intellectual connection, which can paradoxically infuse passion in the sack. Aquarius Summed Up The Aquarius sign is empowered by the need to seek out wisdom. They are shifty in their mindset and tend to get unpredictable at times. Their friends should possess these three qualities: This is significant because based on ancient lore and teachings from the time of the early Greeks, both planets are believed to deeply influence this sign. He is also quite capable of doing something very mean to you out of anger. He likes to surround himself with people as eccentric and intelligent as he is; he gravitates to alternative lifestyle gatherings, sci-fi conventions, and internet discussion forums where he holds forth on his favourite intellectual obsession. Aquarius Compatibility and Love There are a number of signs that are considered to be more compatible with Aquarius than others. Then you will have no choice but to go paragliding, because really — what else could be more interesting than that? So, chances of you feeling important or special rank very little. Go near him and if you instantly share a rapport with him and become his friend, be dead-sure that this can be possible with none other than an Aquarius man. Please feel free to post any questions or thoughts you have. So, expect him not to go to any extreme to woo you. One interesting characteristic of Aquarius is there desire ability to be alone. Dark Side of an Aquarius Super Smart As the fixed air sign, Aquarius represents the vastness of the unified collective mind. On one hand, he will want to show exactly how exciting and incredible he is, but on the other, he will have trouble communicating how he feels. This extraordinary man makes life more interesting for all who know him and ultimately, his kind will change the world for the better. If you ever come on too strong emotionally for this man, he will never even think about taking you to bed. This man typically is not classically attractive but can be, as in actor Paul Newman.

Aquarius males

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  1. Aquarius Career and Money Aquarius-born bring enthusiasm to the job and have a remarkable ability of exploitation of their imagination for business purposes.

  2. Aquarians have a deep and abiding respect for all life forms and love to be around animals.

  3. He will act like a little child if he gets a new laptop or a telephone, with an instruction manual longer than your average encyclopedia. Considering that they are highly sensitive people, closeness to them means vulnerability.

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