Ballroom dancing palo alto

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But their teacher kept asking them if they wanted to compete. But now she's hooked, too. The couple is also inspiring younger generations. Jobs, home and raising a family took all of their time in the intervening years. When she and Winston took dance lessons at a school in Redwood City, they just wanted to learn how to move around the ballroom the way the other dancers did. And concentrating on the complicated steps, listening to the music, coordinating with a partner and negotiating the space among other dancers has been mentally stimulating, they said.

Ballroom dancing palo alto

Two of their grandchildren, twin girls, are now participating in group ballroom dance lessons. Then one day after he had retired, Winston simply blurted out, "Why not? Winston glowed as he described the feeling he gets when Lilly is in his arms. Myriam is a sophomore currently from Portland, Oregon; however, she has also lived in Grenoble, France; Oudenaarde, Belgium; and Boston, Massachusetts. This has proved to be much more efficient for everyone involved. But the joy of being on the dance floor, of feeling the music and hearing the audience's cheers and clapping keeps the Chows inspired. There are competition categories for wheelchair dancers, they said. There have been bruises and concussions. When Winston and Lilly Chow met in college, they had a common interest in ballroom dancing, each having taken one class for their physical-education requirement. Winston agreed, and said, "When we get to that stage, when we're in wheelchairs, we're going to promote that. Lilly said she saw wheelchair dancers perform once. She can often be found foxtrotting around the Knight Management Center. It's just beautiful; it brought tears to my eyes to see it," she said. But their teacher kept asking them if they wanted to compete. The partner who stood was swinging the wheelchair in effortless moves. At Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto, where they went with friends for social dancing, they were floored by what they saw. Team Information Session and Welcome Event: Check here for more updates. For those of you who bought packages, Read more about Summer Group Classes: Each time, they declined. It wasn't the kind of dancing they remembered from their college days; the Chows had learned to make all of their steps within a square. Dancing has brought many blessings, they said. And dancing has taken them around the world: They won the U. She enjoys tutoring, writing, and dancing. Andrey Simanovsky Coaching Coordinator Andrey is on a mission to learn how to dance.

Ballroom dancing palo alto

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