Depressing 90s songs

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This one really touched a lot of people out there. There is nobody that sounds like him or really that plays like him. He had a different attitude about him and fans really latched on to his songs. The track brings tears to many people that listen to it. In Color, Jamey Johnson In , Jamey Johnson came out with this one and it became a huge hit and somewhat of a surprise hit. You feel the pain of a guy that can find ways to get through the days of loneliness, but those nights just about take him to the grave.

Depressing 90s songs

This is one of my favorites. In , Vince was needing a little bit a breakthrough and he sure got it with this song and the album that came with it. It was released in and remains one of their best. Here are songs that might be peppy, might be slow, might be epic - but all are based on really terrible things that actually happened. They take out a beer and enjoy it. So Small, Carrie Underwood Carrie took over more of her own songwriting with her second album. This song is about a guy that is with a woman that he knows is thinking of someone else. There were some other majors like Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks, but Vince was right there with them doing his own thing. Martie wrote it about sister Emily falling in love. This song was slow and a story song. This one is really putting on the heat in the romantic sense and it became one of the biggest hits Dierks has had up to this point. This guy is coming to the realization that he has to move on to be able to live his life. Plenty of upbeat pop songs like "99 Red Balloons" and "Semi-Charmed Life" are actually about pretty dark subjects, like nuclear annihilation and addiction. This one came out in late and kicked off a little comeback for this country legend. He was as successful songwriter. It gets to the heart of many country songs: This one was his first number one hit. Drink A Beer, Luke Bryan This one is pretty recent, but still had a huge impact on the country charts. Ronnie could sing any kind of song and that includes slow country songs. The song sold well and is one of the most well known songs for both Paisley and Krauss. The song is about a guy and how sad he is that his lover has left. One of his biggest hits was this one. It was used for a really powerful song about a girl that was struggling with abuse at home. This list was going to be songs. Just an absolute heart bender of a song. Elizabeth was a huge hit and remains popular today.

Depressing 90s songs

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  1. Upvote the tracks and singles with the saddest true backstories below Snow is one of the best ever in country and this is one of his biggest and most well-known songs.

  2. Girl Crush, Little Big Town This one is pretty recent, but it became a huge song in many different ways. They had hits after hits for a solid run.

  3. It was huge for John Michael and later in the same year, , became a huge hit on the pop charts for All 4 One. It really helped to put her on the map.

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