Girl rating scale 1 10 examples

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What do you notice about this girl? However, my wife has more of a classical Roman nose with high cheekbones which is more striking for me. Ignore those ridiculous and chauvinistic sites that rate girls or rank the most beautiful women. Logic- Lord of Tits and Ale Joined: But everyone gets 1 point for existing, zero is not a rank. There is no impetus to change or develop and you have to live with the bed you make. The average male would never think of touching or talking to this person.

Girl rating scale 1 10 examples

Paradoxically you probably are a real life cinderella or sleeping beauty, you just do not believe it. Yes, there will be a deflation of her ego but do you really want to be the guy to teach her about wisdom? Another one of my friend George is obsessed with big jugs. Let me give you an example. Rating guys from 1 to 10 should be a another article you could write about. She is middle-aged and more than a little fat and grey. If you are a 10, you are probably to busy banging 9's and 10's to read this. Pity sex is possible at this level. American culture pumps girls up to make them think they are goddesses. And if you tell them they are beautiful, they might be hurt because they think you are making fun of them. You would probably not want your friends to find out about this girl. If you are a 2, you would likely talk to a 2 despite what it says in this guide. This girl is rated a ten in my book. Ratios tell the real story of female desirability. Rather, angels with rounded shoulders and down cast eyes. Personality can make all the difference at this level. Your friends would say, yeah, ok, that seems like the kind of girl he should be dating. A girl that you would not normally be in to, but she is right on the edge so that in the right set of circumstances desperation, drunkenness, etc maybe something could happen. These are the girls you tend to see in "you love, you lose" threads. Pride blinds us from seeing our faults and therefore, prevents us from striving to be better than we are. It is much better not to date an egotist. Or people who has some cookie cutter conception of how a girl should look, and girls painfully strive to fit this model. The large majority of people who see this girl would probably describe her as "cute", "pretty", "hot" or similar. What planet is this girl from? Society turns their head for the flashiest girls and rates them the highest.

Girl rating scale 1 10 examples

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