Gold digger characteristics

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Yes, unemployment is at an all-time high, people are hard-pressed to find work and the economy basically blows. She starts making plans for hanging out and partying on Thursday. Namaganda Advertisement By Agnes K. How do we spot a gold digger before she forces you into a loveless marriage and takes you for all your worth? Secondly, there is no mention of a family fortune that could account for her expensive life and somehow, you took up all or most of her financial burdens when you stepped into her life. The economic downturn has forced these money-loving ladies to widen their horizons from Wall Street to Main Street.

Gold digger characteristics

No offense to J. They want yachts, bottle service, designer bags, and jewels. Often, these women have grown up with nothing and are hungry to climb the social ladder. Splitting the bill or actually paying for the whole meal on her own would mean that you failed to support her. You buy her a Louis Vuitton purse see above and she jumps for joy, posts it to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and possibly sleeps with you later that night. Look at of characteristics of a gold digger listed below and run if a girl exhibits any of them. Namaganda After one traumatic episode, some men will instinctively learn to smell a gold digger miles away from the subtle combination of enticing charm and beauty she skillfully uses to bring her victims to their knees and getting them to pull out their wallets at the click of her fingers. They are usually very demanding, but coy about it as well. Now of course, a purse is better than flowers. These are the women that most men recognize as being gold diggers. Her looks are her sustenance. Her clothes are always designer, her nails are perfect and the boobs are always perky. You have to give these women some credit. He wanted to show off but was grossly embarrassed by her behaviour. A very bad evening is when one of her nails breaks, she will literally weep and obssess, and getting it fixed first thing she will do when she can. The gold digger has definitely Googled exactly how much that bag costs. Because they are smitten and would love to show that they are worth being with, they swoon over her and start showing off, telling her where they work and how much they earn. These ladies are looking to sink their claws into investment bankers, doctors, lawyers, and business moguls. Quickly agreeing to a relationship Somehow it seems like she was just waiting for you to come into her life. A six-figure income is mandatory; a seven-figure one is not. Something outlandish that would normally warrant sympathy. They could go as far as getting married to wealthy elderly men so as to inherit their wealth after death. She leaves on Tuesday and spends her Wednesdays in a salon re-doing her hairstyle. She wants nothing to do with you. He pulled her out, dropped her off and dumped her, and warned her against his friends. Taking her to your plush house immediately will only cause her to pull out her tools fast and start working.

Gold digger characteristics

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  1. Because most gold diggers have perfected the art of deception and seduction, it is always very difficult to deny them their requests. Though you may be in love with her and thus have clouded judgments, there are signs for you to know if she is concerned about your financial future since most of them live in the now.

  2. There are certain common traits that a man can spot to steer clear of such types, writes Agnes K.

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