Hollywood secret agent movies

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We've tried to include all of the best CIA movies on this list, but if you believe we missed one, please feel free to add to the list yourself. One of the major reasons for this is Clark Gregg's easy-going performance; Coulson may be an agent for one of the most powerful organisations on Earth, but he's essentially a likeable everyman. Like any spy worth his salt, Bond has survived by taking on different forms: In Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Notorious, Alica's the daughter of a convicted German spy who is herself pressed into service as an agent for the Americans. The Day of the Jackal Released: Whether you prefer watching spy movies on Netflix or grabbing a CIA film from from Redbox, you're guaranteed to find something that'll give you your secret agent fix.

Hollywood secret agent movies

Tasker gets to do all the things you'd expect in a Bond pastiche - he wears a dinner suit, meets exotic ladies, and makes pithy quips after shooting bad guys. And at a time when the Bond franchise was becoming increasingly mired in implausible gadgets see Die Another Day's invisible car - or rather, don't , Bourne's tendency to fight with pens and books, or drive around in battered old cars, marked him out as a very different kind of hero. It does, however, have elements of the genre and even directly involves the CIA as a part of the plot, which is more than enough to earn it a spot on this list. He is the best because he has lasted the longest. Whatever we choose to call them, secret agents lead necessarily furtive and obscure lives - so obscure that most of what we know about them is defined by what we've seen and read in books and movies. Harry Tasker - True Lies While the James Bond series took an extended break from until the mids, Hollywood megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped in to fill the breach. The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in With a few rare exceptions, you can assume that any remake likely had an original worth watching. He then must try to outwit those responsible and try to figure out exactly what transpired and why it happened. Even when the alien effects and action spin wildly out of control, Smith and Jones provide the franchise's rock-solid centre. Harry Hart — Kingsman: Pair that with the fact that it was directed by none other than James Cameron and it becomes a must-see. Joe Turner - Three Days Of The Condor Spies and secret agents are necessarily closed-off, elusive sorts, so making them into interesting characters is a difficult task for any writer or actor. Well, that and the fact that this Cohen brothers flick offers up the same acerbic dialogue and convoluted near-slapstick level comedic storytelling for which the writing and directing duo is known. Perhaps the ultimate slow-burn spy movie of all time, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy can be a bit difficult to trudge through, but ultimately is worth it — both for its excellent storyline and the stellar cast. It does, however, have one of the best chase sequences of any movie not primarily considered a car flick. She totally makes up for her physical looks by her brains and skills in the field. During the Cold War, the image of the secret agent as a well-groomed sophisticate in a suit proliferated all over the world, and even in the high-tech landscape of the 21st century, that image still stands - just look at such movies as Kingsman: It examines the events leading to the assassination of President John F. Many actors have played the character, but the best portrayal is certainly the most recent one by Daniel Craig. The Secret Service Before Kingsman came out this year, few would have imagined that Colin Firth would be so effective as a combat-ready secret agent. Surrounded as he is by an armoured billionaire, a god from outer space and patriotic super-soldier, Coulson provides the link between the realm of superheroes and the relatively everyday. Lee also gets to indulge in all the activities you'd expect from a seasoned spy; under the pretext of entering a martial arts tournament, he infiltrates the island lair of an evil villain named Han. Harry Hart - Kingsman: The fact of the matter is this:

Hollywood secret agent movies

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  1. He lacks the inner darkness of Bond or the identity crisis of Bourne, and while his appetite for danger might suggest a self-destructive edge, there's always the sense that he's in the spy game merely for the thrill of the chase.

  2. Jason Bourne - the Bourne series As embodied by Matt Damon, Jason Bourne felt like a breath of fresh air when he first appeared in

  3. A decidedly modern kind of agent, Mallory works for a private contractor, who for reasons unknown appears to have turned against her.

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