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The MP5K is also available for purchase off the wall in this room. It is not advised to stay here past round 5. The film reels will project images on the theater screen, some will contain audio difficult to hear over the screams of the undead. Alley Edit The alley is very tight and can be difficult to maneuver around, as zombies can jump down from the roof, but it can be easily defended. It's suggested to get out of this room as fast as possible. You gain access to twin pistols that shoot grenades while waiting to be revived. Double Tap is located on the end closest to the starting area, through the iron door, and is right by a Zombie spawn point. Created after blowing off or destroying the legs, they are generally slower than their legged counterparts and attack your ankles.


The room is directly above the main floor entryway and is the projection room for the Theater. There are a total of four barricaded windows. Zombies spawn from the four windows in this large room and from numerous places on the ceiling and balconies. With this teleporter, the player can teleport to the projector room, above the theater. The meteor is on a black table near one of the windows, behind two mannequins. The lower hall is considered to be the worst along with the Back Room to stay in for long periods. The film reel is sometimes on the table by the chair or counters. This room has the classic stereotype WWII zombie syle. It is a fairly confined space, but with only two windows, it is very easy to hold out in here but also easy to get overrun. Zombies Kino Der Toten 1. If the player goes sown he loses the perk and one of his weapons. Below are 5 such examples: The objective on Kino Der Toten is to survive against the ever-increasing horde of Zombies and to stay alive the longest that you can while amassing the most points and kills possible. This perk allows for you to revive a downed teammate in roughly half the time it usually takes to revive them. Players can also see the Mystery Box from the far window near the Quick Revive if it spawns in observable locations. The Power Switch is located here as well. Lower Hall Edit This room is accessed by opening up the downstairs door of the Lobby. Do not dwell in this room too much as zombies can get in fast and it is a small, cramped area. The MP5K is also available for purchase off the wall in this room. This perk allows for your gun to fire roughly twice as fast as it usually does normally. Comes in several variations some run after you, some shuffle after you, and others lumber after you. If players go to the window on the top floor and look towards the right, they can see a couple of portraits of an unknown person, similar to the one next to the portraits of the four main characters in the upstairs hallway. It is recommended to get points before the teleporting, as it is advised to teleport in this room only to upgrade a weapon. There is also a secret radio in this area. The Ray Gun blaster becomes the incredible Porter's X-2 Ray Gun, a super-advanced version of the standard Ray Gun that has increased ammo capacity, increased damage per shot based on a x2 multiplier , and more splash damage in the area of the shot. Objects No recent wiki edits to this page. The second, and only other Sentry Gun on this map is located here.


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  1. The film reel is sometimes on the table by the chair or counters. Upper Hall Edit This room is small and hard to maneuver around.

  2. Alley Edit The alley is very tight and can be difficult to maneuver around, as zombies can jump down from the roof, but it can be easily defended. The China Lake grenade launcher becomes the China Beach, a advanced China Lake with 5 shots per clip, increased explosive firepower, and a bigger ammo clip to use.

  3. The weapon that is accepted from the box replaces whichever weapon you have out when you accept the gun, or the weapon returns to the box if untouched and the player may choose to purchase another turn at the box. There is a meteor players can find in the corner of the room in a jar by the bottom window.

  4. The perks that can be purchased can be found below: In addition, it allows for the player to re-board the windows twice as fast.

  5. Access to the center of the map theater is granted when the power is activated from the breaker switch backstage. The projector can be loaded with various film reels found in the random rooms.

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