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In the afternoon, non-profit representatives may have the option of attending a non-profit speaker series. How are teams selected? While we receive lots of great applications every year, we usually only have enough space to accept half. What is a mentor? What is Make a Mark as an organization?


Each year, we have had charitable and community-focused organizations that are not registered c 3 take part in Make a Mark. What is a Maker? We cannot guarantee that we will be able to put you on the same team to fulfill the needs of a non-profit, but we will try our best. We are constantly driven by our purpose — to help people tell their stories through design, creativity and technology. If you already have one or a few people that want to be on a team together, just be sure to all indicate that in your applications. So for 12 hours, we gather the best designers and developers to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in the most creative and purposeful communities around the globe. Makers are only committed to the 12 hours and other Make a Mark members complete any final details and follow up. We seek to provide resources and foster an environment where community organizations and visual communicators can engage with one another to better our world. Common Questions Do I have to be a c 3 to apply as a non-profit? If you have any requests on who you want to be on a team with, be sure you and they! We refuse to stray from our purpose. In the afternoon, non-profit representatives may have the option of attending a non-profit speaker series. Each team has one non-profit project, and is usually composed of makers. What makes Make a Mark unique? Yes, you can definitely have a finished product in 12 hours. Make a Mark has always pushed to support talented people leading life-changing causes with the innovation and creativity they need to thrive. Do you really have a finished product in 12 hours? Morning Break If you're new to Make a Mark, you should know that you'll be well-fed. Non-profits do not have to be c 3. We send out 1 email each month. How it works Applications Both non-profits and makers submit applications 2 to 3 months in advance. But more importantly we are sharing experiences and spreading hope to one another. The nonprofits are always so grateful and excited to use the work that they receive at the event. We will experiment with new ways we can serve the passionate and purposeful. We carefully select teams based on the various strengths of the makers, and the needs of the non-profits. Morning breaks feature a nice spread of snacks to keep the energy up!


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