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Today over half of our audience is international, yet there's a common thread that connects everyone that loves Matuse and wears the product. Larson is a soft-spoken, kind-spirited design thinker who is passionate about surfing and technology. Your brand is a pledge. Without question, the 3mm Scipio is the lightest and warmest suit on the market — pound for pound. Wind varied from calm to about 20 knts. Hood stayed in place nicely although I do still believe that a bit more bill would be nice when we get into the actual winter surf up here.


As far a the Matuse goes, I was quite happy with the overall experience. They created a brand pyramid, which helped them to delve deeper into their concept of a company with human traits. I am about to jump in the shower and give it a fresh water rinse followed by hanging to dry again. Being immersed in the retail environment is a free education if you take the time to observe and listen to what people want. Their product line, which started with three pieces, is now close to forty. Campbell, who came from the advertising industry, was working on a textile project and had a material he was interested in selling to the surf industry; he was looking for anyone who might know something about wetsuits. How does one become a Matuse team rider? Over time, Matt noticed a trend. At the end of the day, loving what you do is essential. Over this time they thoughtfully created the foundations for Matuse. When people look at the Matuse logo, Matt wants them to think of something that has been well thought-out and designed with intention. When customers walked into the store for a new wetsuit, they were bombarded with fanciful neologisms that tried to create excitement for the product. Matuse delivered its first products late summer of , shortly after that the economy started its nosedive. To this extent, we are very proud of our latest release, The Scipio. His business partner is now one of his closest friends and he describes the people he works with at Matuse as family. Hood stayed in place nicely although I do still believe that a bit more bill would be nice when we get into the actual winter surf up here. All of the information to create solutions is right in front of him. Gotta give the suit a thumbs up! In addition to the best wetsuits on the planet, what Matuse brings to the party is a huge amount of sincere hustle and an unwavering commitment to being ourselves. They took time to think, create, plan, and build a company that the surf industry had never seen before. It went on easily and felt comfortable throughout a 3 hour session. The Hoplite was the first full suit that put us on the map. This suit might be considered a bit of an overkill for the temps surfed so far, however it is nice to be toasty warm! Wind varied from calm to about 20 knts. Powerfully express your values.


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  1. This time I did adjust the shoulder and hood draw strings prior to going out and was pleasantly pleased with the results. Once again the lightness of the suit, and the warmth stood out.

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