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They describe the implementation process as "labor intensive and confusing," citing the following challenges: New manholes may mean the drainage has been altered. ENFit has a locking feature for a more secure, leak-free connection. Feeding tubes and medication ports on feeding sets with new ENFit male connectors will require new female ENFit tip syringes. Look at the outside of your property. Manufacturers also need to anticipate short- and long-term nationwide demand for the same products.


Where necessary seek professional help to find out where drainage is going, and test with dyes if needed. Check with your supplier representative for more precise timing in your area. In particular, confirm that your syringe and feeding tube suppliers have adequate supplies of syringes with the new connectors before converting your facility to ENFit feeding system products. The feeding tube change from male—the stepped or Christmas tree connector—to the new ENFit female connector. New manholes may mean the drainage has been altered. Syringes to administer medicine or to flush, hydrate, or bolus feed through enteral tubes have an enteral-specific tip. GEDSA encourages manufacturers to introduce, and healthcare facilities to adopt, ENFit tip syringes and feeding tubes as soon as possible to meet the California mandate. See bottom right image. The alert instructed clinicians about misconnection prevention and presented steps for healthcare organizations to help manage risk during the transition to application-specific connectors. ISO was published in July Look at the outside of your property. When building alterations are undertaken, sinks, baths, showers, toilets and appliances can be plumbed incorrectly into the nearest available pipe or drain. Was your house or property built after the s? The standard describes the dimensions and requirements for the design and functional performance of small-bore enteral connectors, including enteral feeding sets, enteral syringes, and patient interface devices, including access ports. ENFit-compatible draw-up devices such as straws or fill caps are needed for accurate dosing of small doses of meds and for filling syringes. Testing has demonstrated that Low Dose Tip syringes can provide dosing accuracy consistent with existing male oral tip syringes and better than other reverse-gender solutions used today. Consider the age of your property and any surrounding properties. A successful transition will include the use of ENFit-compatible connectors on all components of an enteral feeding system. Enteral Misconnection Prevention FDA collaborated with ISO to develop the ISO standard for enteral applications and, in February , officially recognized the standard and issued specific guidance to manufacturers encouraging adoption. See bottom left image. TJC has not yet updated the alert to reflect completion of standards for four of those six applications. However, several facilities in California have made full transition with minimal disruption to date. Neuraxial devices including epidural and regional anesthesia devices Intravascular and hypodermic designated use of the traditional Luer connectors The Joint Commission TJC issued a Sentinel Event Alert on misconnections in that announced ISO's development of connector standards for these six healthcare applications, including enteral feeding. Manufacturers have collaborated to validate the Low Dose Tip through independent laboratory performance testing, usability studies, and misconnection risk assessments. GEDSA's Stay Connected website describes the new connectors and provides tools for transitioning to devices equipped with them. Today, however, this skepticism has been allayed by examples of facilities successfully adopting ENFit. California law AB , which has been in effect since July 1, , requires health facilities i.


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  1. ENFit enteral connections, with new male end on feeding tube bottom and female end on administration set top. Feeding tubes and medication ports on feeding sets with new ENFit male connectors will require new female ENFit tip syringes.

  2. Communication with vendors; not all sales representatives are familiar with ENFit Knowledge gaps on the part of key healthcare facility stakeholders Obtaining manufacturer reference numbers for all ENFit products within the supply chain Availability of enteral supplies with ENFit connectors Clinician training.

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