My husband is addicted to videogames

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Do I wish he'd changed before the baby and enjoyed my pregnancy with me? Like "hey do you want to see a movie today? Yes, it is true that turning to video games can be a way of dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, or interpersonal difficulties — this should not be overlooked. You will need his help after baby is born. Even the dog feels his neglect!! He says he plays because his job is stressful and this is how he escapes. S Sweettara77 Totally my life. Give yourself all the time you need, protect yourself and look after your baby.

My husband is addicted to videogames

What we are saying is that gaming, like many other things, can become all-consuming, distorting, and damaging to your marriage. Even when I worked 40 hours and commuted 5 hours to that job I was still supposed to cook and clean and keep things going, or things will never ever get done until we run out of everything. If I am really missing him, sometimes I will join him in the games The constant exposure to violence, sexuality, and harsh language has an influence on you, even if you don't recognize it right now. That was my way to get away from him and the game. However, it is perfectly reasonable to offer a few tentative ideas for his feedback: I guess for me this has been about coming to terms with reality, setting aside some of my dreams that are unrealistic and learning to look after me and my children and follow God rather than people or my husband. It is OK to offer suggestions. This is very important to me. Set a time limit for how long you play, or how often you play, and choose to not let gaming become your only reality. Log in or register to post comments May 24, - 4: Last year he had an intensely stressful job requiring 60 hours of work a week. Here are three questions to help you evaluate if gaming is having a negative influence on your marriage. Do you snap at your spouse? What You Can Do In all of this, we aren't saying that gaming is innately bad, or that all gamers are poor spouses. We simply want to encourage you in your efforts to nurture your marriage. True, it may cause a temporary increase in the overall stress level in your relationship. I've cried and begged him not even to stop playing but just to cut it down a bit! If he refuses all of these options and you strongly believe that obsessive computer use is harming your relationship and how you feel about yourself , you need to seriously evaluate whether you can continue to invest time and energy into it. Maybe only 3 times a week It should be an appropriate outlet not all encompassing. I think of it this way It doesn't stop at the computer either. We're not suggesting that you get rid of your Xbox, PlayStation, or whatever else. Have you become more easily agitated? I am not someone who buys into "after kids people will be totally different. It's sad to say, but we've seen how gamers can essentially become "married" to their games, instead of to their spouse.

My husband is addicted to videogames

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  1. In a marriage relationship you cannot fully just detach and be happy - that is not truely a marriage and it will bother you. True, it may cause a temporary increase in the overall stress level in your relationship.

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