Qualities of good neighbor

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The next time new neighbors move in, consider welcoming the newcomers with a friendly hello and some local insider tips to quickly become the favorite neighbor on the block. Moreover, we can trust on our good neighbors. Another quality for a good neighbor is to be respectful. He should not leave his trash on your place; moreover he should not make loud noise or run a party in late hours of night, which will bother others. Know how to bring people together. This type of nature creates strong, understandable, and perfect bond between peoples.

Qualities of good neighbor

Therefore, in order to become a good neighbor, we have to respect others by rubbishing the wastes at right place, not operating your car too long without running to contaminate the air or planting the trees to keep the fresh air. A helpful neighbor may let your children stay at her home if you stuck working, or call the police in case of a burglary, when you are away. Maybe you should replace the phrase 'good neighbor' with something else as there seems to be a lot of repetition. In my opinion, the one who live adjacent to my house need to have following qualities: It is apparent that everyone likes a person who always smiles with other and say hello when he or she come across our way. The second quality of good neighbor is being very reliable. By that way, we created a terrific relation between us. I believe all people has a duty to be a good neighbor, because they might also need a help or support from the people who are living closed to them, and they need to live in a peaceful and happy environment. The first quality that a good neighbor should have is to be friendly. In conclusion, for all reasons I mentioned above, I strongly believe that becoming a good neighbor really need some major qualities such as cordiality, good attitude with environment and dynamism in working voluntarily. Caring neighbors stay informed on community issues and make it a point to vote. The qualities of an ideal neighbor described are good but you could probably support it with an example for atleast one quality. A good neighbor is someone who is nice and approachable. He brought to local charity and orphanage many aids in order to encourage them overcome the challenges of life. Great neighbors make their communities friendlier and safer, while improving the overall quality of life for themselves and those who surround them. In the first place, one of the most important facets to have good friend bordering our house is cordial. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? For example, my sister always left her door key to her good neighbor Jessica, when she ants to go somewhere. Another conspicuous quality is cooperative and helping nature. Whenever uncle john went to different states, he told my father to take care of his family and pets. For instance, my family moved from Chicago to Houston on a road trip and we had to cover 17 hours and it was a massive trip in my life. Better yet, they invite all the neighbors to the party! Neighbors directly affect the social environment we live in, so they are part of our lives. So help each others can form a friendly and harmonious relationship among the good neighbors. Moreover, we can trust on our good neighbors.

Qualities of good neighbor

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  1. In fact, Harvard professor and author Robert D. The third quality of good neighbor is being friendly.

  2. Maybe you should replace the phrase 'good neighbor' with something else as there seems to be a lot of repetition.

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