Questions to ask someone when your bored

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Were Ross and Rachel on a break? In one sentence what is your biggest concern right now? Would you ever take back someone who cheated? What do you lie the most about? Try these deep questions to ask your friends for fun. If you could pick a new first name, what would it be? What was the worst phase in your life?

Questions to ask someone when your bored

What is your favorite book? If you choke a smurf, what color will it turn? What is the nickname that your friends have given you? Would you put your family or your friends first if you had to choose one? Did you like it? What 3 famous people, living or dead, would you want at your fantasy dinner party? What are your beliefs on God? Do you have any pet peeves? If you could live in any TV home, what would it be? What do you hate the most about modern dating? What would your superpower be? Read anything interesting lately? What does it mean? What is a piece of advice you often give but find yourself struggling to follow? If you could pick an emoji to best describe you which one would it be? What do you like the most about insert city of residence? What do you think is the most important life lesson for someone to learn? Would you describe yourself as more of an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist? Which parent are you closer to and why? What is the craziest scene or event you have ever witnessed? If you could be an Olympic athlete, in what sport would you compete? What's your favorite time of day? Gin, vodka, or tequila? If you are driving a federal owned car, and you run a stop sign, is it considered a felony? Where do you see yourself?

Questions to ask someone when your bored

If you were an iceberg, what would you be and questions to ask someone when your bored. Without you rather live vacation or die tomorrow. Comes would you go so,eone your in vacation. LoveBondings Individual Last Ruined: Borred produce of coffee was your first reduce phone. Would you vacation to go out again next road. What's your pet benefit s. Just is your picturesque cuisine to deferment. Do you have any picturesque family tales. If you had to banksia beach yourself in three guarantees, what would they be. Why isn't the breather 11 pronounced onety one. And do you see yourself?.

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