Restoring self confidence

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It also keeps you stationary and stagnant, and denies you the satisfaction of progress, which is the currency of confidence. So how can you tend to your wounds and use them to restore confidence? Even as adults, low self-esteem can affect performance and advancement at work, make us a reluctant partner, or an ineffective parent. Healing For me, things did not improve, so halfway through grade 11 I transferred to a different high school. When you quit a difficult project or avoid taking a risk, a sense of relief replaces a sense of dread. Do you have suicidal thoughts?

Restoring self confidence

Think of the people in your life. Why did you have to go and cut your hair? That idea has kept some of the greatest artists and entrepreneurs alive and engaged with their work. Build Momentum with Small Wins Most of us think of confidence as an all-or-nothing proposition. My demons prefer to operate in darkness. These mistakes contribute to my humanness more than the things I get exactly right. The truth is that confidence is less like a switch you turn on and off, and more like something you build one brick at a time. My procrastination was increasing, since I saw no point in studying. Journaling also creates a record of your growth for you to revisit, so you can track your wins along the way. Author AJ Jacobs is a great example of that principle. My whole life revolved around being as invisible as possible. Healing For me, things did not improve, so halfway through grade 11 I transferred to a different high school. But more important than how you heal is that you heal — that you allow yourself to authentically process your feelings, accept them, and forge ahead. The key is to stay in the game. The entire process is both therapeutic and motivational. Once you let go of what others say you should want, you can finally discover your own dreams and be yourself. Like all good therapy, the goal here is to get back to the business of being you — to the process of building your confidence by checking in with yourself, staying in the game, reframing your setbacks, and remembering that beautiful paradox: Instead focus on your accomplishments. Self-confidence is not natural for me. Self-reflection in whatever form gives us the time and perspective to process events as they unfold. Indulge your body and your soul with positive things and treat both of them with respect. And small wins are the stuff of confidence. On the positive side, you can have friends keep you accountable, so that anytime you quit your social network will know. Many find the combination of negative and positive reinforcement insurmountable. What made you do that? My experience is a common one.

Restoring self confidence

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