Sex therapist liverpool

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Couple counselling deals with issues you may have in your relationship. Always trying to expand my knowledge as a way to offer a better service and as a way of growing personally. You can expect a safe, confidential environment in which you can both express what you are thinking and feeling, which sometimes can come as a surprise to the other partner. The great thing with Relate sex therapists is that there is nothing you can say that will shock us — we know how complicated sexual problems can be and we know how difficult it is to open up to your partner about them. Clients are often amazed at the progress they make and how well they get on with their therapist, once they are over the initial nervousness at talking frankly about their sex life. I have a very broad experience working with a very diverse population in NHS psychosexual services and in private practice. Many of them are in happy marriages but the passion has gone.

Sex therapist liverpool

Book an appointment To find out more about Sex Therapy, and to arrange an appointment: Is not a passive experience and you will be invited to participate by thinking, doing, feeling and self-enquiring. Some of the concerns people bring maybe related to: How can Sex Therapy help me? My office is based in Liverpool, but I also offer online sessions by Skype or FaceTime and works with people from other cities and countries. You will also talk about the best times for your sessions, and discuss the cost of Sex Therapy. Sexual therapy is very satisfying and clients can notice positive changes within just a few sessions. I used it as way of getting out my anger but got bored with it after a while. Sex or psychosexual therapy can be helpful for an individual or couple who feel their issues are affecting their quality of life, or just want to learn more about their sexuality. We don't just want you to solve your specific problem, we want you to grow sexually, unlearn bad patterns, rethink unhelpful misconceptions about sex and relationships, dismiss common myths and relearn a healthier model of sexuality. All of the work you do in the therapy room is based on talking, however, you are also given homework to do with your partner in the privacy of your own home. When I told him, he said: Sex therapy is a meaningful process of unlearning and relearning. Besides working as a sex and relationships therapist, being a psychologist enables me to work further with the client, increasing the number of approaches, techniques and issues that I'll be qualified to work with. I have a very broad experience working with a very diverse population in NHS psychosexual services and in private practice. Sex involves the body, the mind and the emotions. Many of them are in happy marriages but the passion has gone. I love my dad. In some parts of the country, Sex Therapy is provided by individuals who are Relate trained and work from their own premises rather than a Relate Centre. Charlotte promises an injection of spice Image: Couple counselling deals with issues you may have in your relationship. She quickly became pregnant and now has a boy, aged 14, and a year-old girl. Psychotherapy can help you to break the cycle and move forward by looking at what is hindering the decision making process. I subscribe to the COSRT Codes of Ethics and Practice and work from a sex-positive perspective, from peer to peer, establishing a unique relationship and a specific therapeutic plan for every single client. She feared he would leave her unless things improved in the bedroom so, after finding Charlie on the internet and a half-hour phone call, she fixed up a three-hour sex training session. My professional career started in Granada, Spain, where I studied Psychology in one of the most prestigious Universities. Book a Sex Therapy session at your local Relate Centre.

Sex therapist liverpool

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  1. I currently have my own office where I offer private sessions Psychosexual therapy and Relationships therapy for both individuals and couples either in English and Spanish. We want you to face sex with more self-confidence, less fear, and a greater sense of self-esteem.

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