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Be aware of all the feelings you experience, good or bad, as you explore your body. What are you thinking about during sex? Checking out was a survival mechanism when the things that were happening to my body were too horrible to process, and later became a way to ignore the feelings sex invoked, especially when I was having it with people who didn't like or respect me, or whom I wasn't attracted to, out of a skewed sense that I was obligated to be sexual with anyone who wanted me. You can start with one-minute meditations using an app like Headspace. Start seducing yourself by putting on lingerie, reading an erotic novel, watching porn, or touching your body. But more importantly, you need to start to develop the mental muscles to block out intrusive thoughts and learn to clear your mind. An article I read recently in "Psychology Today" finally gave me a name for all this from-the-outside-in experiencing of our sexuality: Nothing kills the sexual experience or pulls you out of your body faster than that self-criticism. To get the most out of your sex life—hell, out of your life—you need to get to the bottom of where your body image issues come from.


No toys, no porn, no fantasy, no distractions. But at the very least, it's a libido killer; research shows that women who engage in spectator sex are less satisfied, have fewer real orgasms, and have more fake more orgasms. If that describes you, see a licensed therapist who specializes in eating disorders. But regardless of the severity, it is important to address these issues. While I recommend everyone experience at least one year of weekly therapy, if it sounds like one of these issues may be the culprit of your spectatoring, it's of utmost important to seek professional help. These days I still have to struggle to be where I am during sex without retreating into fantasy, to "have" sex instead of "performing sex. Nothing kills the sexual experience or pulls you out of your body faster than that self-criticism. Be aware of all the feelings you experience, good or bad, as you explore your body. Here are some of the most common reasons we spectator and what you can do about it. I've never met a woman who hasn't at some point struggled with issues relating to body image, and many women have what psychologists call subclinical eating disorders, meaning they they don't have all of the symptoms that make up anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa but have enough to impact their lives. It's easy to say, "Stop paying attention; your partner is far less critical of your body than you are" though it's true—they are, after all, having sex with you. In order to put the kibosh on your wandering mind, you have to practice mindfulness. Help me face my issues so I am comfortable living in my body. Like with lifting weights, repetition strengthens the muscle and its ability to perform over time. There are a series of exercises that have been recommended to me called " sensate focus. And I can admit that what turns me on in that situation probably has more to do with fulfilling a male visual fantasy than the feeling of baby juice hitting my face. The lights aren't on, and also nobody's home. So I say let's try doing it like the cavemen did -- with lots of grunting and clubbing each other over the head. God, help me let go of my need to escape myself. As you move your hands over different body parts, take notice of the sensations. There is no better method than meditation. And we don't want that for you. That requires a lot of independent work and, possibly, work with a therapist, even if you are not one of the 20 million American women who have eating disorders. Feel your breath moving in and out. To do this, you need to shift from a goal-oriented mindset looking hot, reaching climax to a process-oriented one sensation. To put it another way, did the cavemen have facials?


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