What does connections mean on zoosk

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I received a number of messages within an hour of joining and realised that I'd need a paid membership to read and respond to those messages. It takes as little at 10 to 15 minutes to fill out your entire profile, if you choose to do so. Usability Zoosk is a very intuitive site that is easy to get up an running on fast. You can send digital gifts to members using Zoosk coins. Ckes asked on Aug 23, If I received a message that someone is not anymore zoosk member what does it mean does I got block?

What does connections mean on zoosk

If you're a free member, you can only send winks to other members to get their attention. I'm not sure as I never blocked anyone and I am no longer on the site myself. Safety and Privacy Although some members have complained about "fake profiles," we have not found any. Ken Z asked on May 10, Why did I see someone view me in alerts then when I looked again it was gone? Did they stop that? Taz replied on May 02, They may not be actually viewing you. Also in my connection, on-line profiles have green dots and some have a blue square around it. Just a vicious circle. Although you do have the option to report or block members, Zoosk does not take responsibility for routinely screening members, inquiring into the background of members, attempting to verify information provided by members, or conducting criminal screenings of members. Zoosk Costs and Prices. Will people I messaged in the past be able to see me? The membership fees didn't seem too expensive so I joined and started chatting with a few guys to see who I would like. I have seen messages sent to my inactive account, but unless you subscribe again, you cant access them. Zoosk enables you to send out standardized flirty messages called Mega Flirts to many people at once. Tonylo asked on Aug 15, I'm not sure if you mean by logging off for the day, or by suspending your account. Facilitation of contact The majority of profile photos are visible. What does the blue square around an online profile means? It's easy to get the gist of a member's personality and looks and most profiles are verified. Ztru asked on Aug 15, Yes they will see that you viewed there account. Corey asked on Aug 27, Answer this Zoosk does generate phantom messages between users to generate connections, mostly smiles and hearts but simetimes pre written text I elicit a reply hence making a connection. Rick Taylor asked on Aug 22, Answer this It is likely that the women you have messaged do not have a current subscription and therefore cannot read or answer your messages. You can choose to include information about your perfect match and your ideal date. Profile Quality It's easy to get the gist of a member's personality Zoosk does not take responsibility for routinely screening members The profiles are quite detailed The profile information can be changed later Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free Overall, the quality of the profiles on Zoosk is good. Zoosk offers Carousel, a game used to facilitate contact among members. RiverCat72 replied on Aug 17, If I viewed someones account, and then paused it, will that member know that I viewed their account?

What does connections mean on zoosk

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