Who sings detachable penis

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It was finally included on a live album that Berry recorded in and was released as a single later that year. He is perhaps even better known as a video pioneer. But I strongly feel he belongs in the title at any rate. Well maybe not to the top, per se, but they definitely rode Detachable Penis somewhere. That worked out well. Berry followed Maybelline with other hits, including Johnny B. For the person who wants to find it, it's there.

Who sings detachable penis

Berry was convicted of secretly videotaping women in the bathroom of his restaurant in Wentzville, Mo. A few stations continued to be supportive, but I think that the success of 'Detachable' resulted in a lot of people getting pretty tired of what we were doing. Detachable Penis was featured in an early episode of Beavis and Butthead. I like to think I'm not obvious about the humor, and I'm not obvious about the feelings, either. Fusing avant gard jazz beats with spoken-word lyrics, Detachable Penis is actually a pretty cool song. Fifteen years after Maybelline, Berry finally had a number one hit thanks to the little man downstairs. Almost no one buys my theory about the song until they actually read the lyrics. Oh let me be your sledgehammer httpv: Strangely, he is virtually unknown as the writer and performer of the greatest ode to male genitalia ever created: But I strongly feel he belongs in the title at any rate. After returning home, he reattaches it, relieving his distress. I have no idea how Noel Coward fits into the song. How much more obvious can you get? And Hall's not telling. That worked out well. That is one of the bad things about having a 'hit. No word on whether he asked them to play with his ding-a-ling. Harris of Rolling Stone wrote of the song: The lyrics also discuss the relative merits and disadvantages of having a detachable penis. The man is a genius. The riff provides a harmonic ground of C minor - G major - A major , which remains unchanged throughout the song. The video starts out showing sperm flowing under a microscope. Monster was a modest hit for singer Fred Schneider, who is one-third of the vocal trio known as The Bs. The narrator concludes that having a detachable penis is advantageous overall. Besides the general absurdity of the situation described, the lyrics also make use of several puns and other forms of humor. But despite all the success, this rock pioneer never had a record achieve number one status. After negotiating for a better price, he purchases his penis back.

Who sings detachable penis

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