Women want older men

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Another good thing about older men in this aspect is that they are cool and homely. Some are social media, music, and game freaks. They are just genuine. They have the ability to read and understand your feelings, protect your interests, and hurt you less. Some of them have also had a good education and are well learned. Older men have seen a lot of life and are no longer interested in playing games. In other words, in our evolutionary past, when people generally pegged it in their twenties, the fact that a man made it to his sixties indicated he must have something very powerful going for him genetically, a trend that still produces biological effects. An older man on most cases has a good apartment to himself or better still, his own house.

Women want older men

They are just genuine. Most of the time, ladies dating younger guys stand the risk of infidelity and betrayal. Some are social media, music, and game freaks. Such displays, in the elderly, are unconsciously reassuring to women. If you are dating an older man, the probability of such occurrences is almost at the zero level. Also, older men ooze confidence and command respect which is what every lady wants. The hair and beards spotted with grey hair, the mild age creases, and other things could be inviting. It is not to say that younger guys are not men, but there can be significant differences in the maturity level of a young guy versus an older guy. Share via Email An ageing male flaunting a new Porsche may be the butt of derisive male jokes. Apart from being very mature, they know how best to treat women, are more patient and tolerable. They have had the opportunity to come across and date several ladies and this gives them the ability to handle subsequent relationships better. Older men are also more respectful, courteous, and have not lost the most cherished standard old school manners. In other words, any stag that can still display a fine set of antlers in the twilight of its years, or an old peacock that can still rustle up a first-rate plumage - or an ageing Lothario who can still sport a Rolex and a riverside apartment - has to be considered a major catch. They take it cool and calm and are never in a hurry to pour out their own opinion. However, the idea has been criticised because it does not explain why young women are not attracted to all older men. As the saying ran: The Descent of Men, acknowledges. These guys have generally outgrown the age of seeking to impress their partner through pretense and childish bragging. As a result, Proulx has put forward new findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society - a theory that combines both the ideas of wealth and male longevity. Similarly, the reverse process - younger males seeking older females - occurs far more rarely because a woman's fertility starts to decline in her mid-thirties, and terminates in the menopause, researchers added. Older men are also good listeners which is a great quality of a good communicator. No lady would love to stick to a twenty-something guy who is still trying to find his feet and still living with roommates. More importantly, older men are more experienced in relationship and sex. However, if she can pick an old male who can still display she knows she is onto a good thing. This ranges from the way they dress, the way they speak, their carriage, their caring and supportive demeanor, and everything about them altogether.

Women want older men

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  1. They actually represent all the things mentioned here at a glance — maturity, wisdom, stability, experience, commitment, etc. This will go a long way to shield temptations.

  2. Why not the other way round? If you are dating an older man, the probability of such occurrences is almost at the zero level.

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