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Your social zone is also hoping with activity and with Mars and Jupiter presenting you with opportunities, a social gathering could end up with a significant introduction to someone. It is wise to be as direct as you can to avoid misunderstandings. Gemini If a family discussion is due, be prepared so you say exactly what you mean to get your point across and not give mixed messages. Build relationships of longevity and sincerity. An old friend can offer help or need help.

Www jenniferangel com

Mars back in the sign before yours, sharpens your intuition, pay attention to it. Venus will move to your career zone and spend the rest of the year there, and the energy can connect you with people who can help you move forward with your plans. A discussion, especially about money, can solve an issue before it becomes a problem. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can head in that direction. There is no point stressing about or trying to force something that you are not totally in control off — step back and wait for the pieces to fall into place in their own time. Planetary energy takes the hand brake off a work situation. And with the combined Mercury Jupiter energy influencing your love zone, anything is possible. Your business life gets a boost, and with the help of action Mars, you can feel run off your feet. Some of you can meet someone new and exciting now and couples can take love to the next stage. The Moon in your sign today will affect how you see your life, through what lenses you focus your attention, and it will be best to wait for this energy to settle before you come to any conclusions about anything. The energy this month can provide you with realizations about where your life is heading and with who, and planetary interactions during the month, puts focus and importance on building friendships that are good for you, positive and not negative. But it is not all about work, Taurus; put time aside for some self-nurturing, too. Need answers, Guidance, Life Coaching? This is a positive time where family, friends and colleagues can all be there to provide support, but as usual, choose carefully who you allow to take up residence in your personal space. Cancer Love heads your way. An attitude of whatever happens will work out for the best will serve you well now. Work toward having both satisfaction and financial reward. You can shake the cobwebs from your past, which is important, as a new love interest is possible now. Put time aside to indulge your heart. Mars on the move can inject positive energy into your social life. Mercury, the communication planet, will move to your love zone, and makes it possible to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend or partner. In relationship, you can work your magic on a love mate, or if you are single, on a prospective partner. However, you want to be careful not to act too quickly; give yourself a chance to really process matters. The full Moon in your sign later in the month gives you the opportunity to discard anything or anyone not working well for you and start afresh, you can make constructive changes. Game playing is very much a part of life on one level or another but, for you, when your heart is open, you can attract the very best of people. The energy allows you to get real about how to make changes. You can make alterations to your life; now is the time to get your thoughts together.

Www jenniferangel com

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